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    Instrument Overhaul Service of San Diego has been an FAA Certified Repair Station since 1984. Instrument Overhaul is FAA approved for all aircraft instrument ratings and types. All Instrument Overhaul Service's overhauls are performed in accordance with the Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) most current maintenance data or other FAA approved technical data. All completed instrument repairs and overhauls of FAA certified TSOd or PMAd instruments are provided with FAA Form 8130 Airworthiness Certificates. Instrument Overhaul Service uses only OEM or FAA Approved replacement parts in the accomplishment of repair or overhaul work.
    • Hi John, Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the avionics installation you did on my Cessna 182. The Garmin GNS430, GPSMAP 496, and GMA347 work great. The IFR Certified GNS430 is a very impressive unit. It’s really nice to have the GNS430 automatically ‘crossfill’ flight plans into the GPSMAP 496. The two way interface between the GNS430 and Fuel Scan FS450 provides useful fuel information on both units. My wife loves the Music 1 and 2 and XM Radio inputs on the GMA347 Audio Panel. The Telephone interface will make getting Void Time Clearances at our uncontrolled airport a breeze. I had an opportunity to look behind the panel as well. Cory did an outstanding job of turning a ‘rat’s nest’ of wiring into a very professional installation. Thanks again for a job well done,


      Cessna 182
    • John Dors has worked on my various airplanes for the past 20 years. My experiences have always been positive with great after mod-support and fair prices. Two years ago, he did a full Garmin panel in my Turbo 182RG Cessna. Of course, it was more expensive than I hoped and when John recommended adding a GPSS computer, I balked. He persisted and I had it done and never regretted it. Last month, he added a glass cockpit to the 182, using the EFD Pro ($10,000 bucks)he gave me a great price on the labor (the lowest bid of 4 bids) and some credit for the exchanged parts. Most importantly, the finished product done my Matt and John, is quality. They repainted the panels, added a music/IPod jack and updated the 430 to WASS. Finished right on time and an installation to be proud of. Instrument Overhaul is the place in Southern California!! Joe Graham/retired PSA and USAirways Captain and 45 year GA pilot.

      Joe G

      GPS and Panel Work