With Built-In MP3 Player, Rid your Airplane of Cockpit Wire Clutter for Good!


  • MP3 Player with 1 Gigabyte of memory provides up to 250 songs on-boar
  • Front Panel Utility Jack provides USB upload, telephone and iPod interface
  • Pilot Selectable Configurations allows "on the fly" changes to the intercom environment that best fits the pilot and passenger's needs
  • Music Mute Modes provides front panel selection of one of four mute modes
  • Digital Aircraft Recorder Since 1992, PS Engineering has been providing a instant playback function to as to never have to say again "Say Again?"
  • Plug-N-Play with the GARMIN GMA340*and PMA8000 series
  • This Panel is Incomparable!

Built-in MP3 Player The PMA8000B-MP3 Audio Control Panel incorporates all of the capability of the enormously popular PMA8000B, while adding an internal MP3 player with 1-Gbyte of music storage. No more forgetting your music at home, or dealing with a dead battery. And having it built-in eliminates the clutter of cables in the cockpit.

Files are easily up loaded to the internal 1 Gbyte memory from a either a portable USB Flash Drive or from your PC Laptop. All cables are supplied to make the uploading effortless. Once either the PC or Flash Drive is connected to the PMA8000B-MP3, and after selecting the Transfer Key, uploading automatically starts with audible updates every time 20% completion of the upload is completed until once fully transferred, a friendly voice will announce the "Transfer Complete".

Front panel buttons accomplishes MP3 On/Off, Skip Forward, Pause, Random, Sequential, and Volume Up/Down. The music is distributed to the crew and passengers according the pilot controlled configurations, also easily changed ‘on-the-fly.’

The user interface is accomplished with secondary functions on the standard audio panel keys, with a female voice feedback that announces the modes. This is the same method introduced by the PMA8000-SR in 2005, which proved to be a very successful way to add functions, without making the everyday controls more complicated.

The Front Panel Utility Jack is a 2.5mm multipurpose jack that gives pilots unprecedented access to their audio panel, allowing connections to cell phones, portable music devices, USB memory, or TAWS type of audio announcements.

This utility jack is a direct result of recent advances in avionics portable devices that provide situational awareness as well as new pilot requirements. For an example, when  flying with the new GARMIN GPS396 or GPS496, the front panel utility jack provides convenient way to hook up its audio output.  

This jack has "smarts" that can automatically configure it's function. When used as an entertainment input, the music is directed to the crew, and PS Engineering's patented SoftMute™ functions normally. Our original Karaoke Mode™ can be activated by pressing the front panel "Mute" button, allowing the music to be placed in the background while interruptions to the music will be eliminated. However, if the aircraft has a panel mounted music device and it is active, the PMA8000B changes the front jack for advisory messages. These alert messages are not muted, and presented to the crew headphones only.

The PMA8000B utility jack also is a convenient way to connect your cellular telephone.  When the cellular phone is connected the pilot pushes the "TEL" button our "Du-tel"™ system goes online. Anyone who is on the intercom is on the phone, taking advantage of the ISO, ALL and Crew Isolation intercom modes. Best of all, the pilot can receive and transmit on the selected VHF COM with ATC as well, for seamless integration in the cockpit. (Cellular telephone use in flight is not permitted, but remains a convenient and safe way to contact air-traffic control or a weather briefer while on the ground.)

Pilot Selectable Audio Panel Configurations is another PS Engineering innovation that provides 6 user configurations that are front panel selectable, making the PMA8000B the most flexible audio panel in the world. The pilot can tailor the audio panel functions on the fly.

PS Engineering has devoted considerable effort in providing a means of customizing the audio panel to meet particular needs. Ease of use was foremost, so voice annunciations were included with the selection of the functions. Our revolutionary Virtual Tech Support (VTS) voice prompts each special function selection assuring that the pilot knows exactly what the new audio panel configuration is, in plain English.

Six different configurations can be selected from the front panel, such as how the music inputs are distributed, the way the intercom functions and how the front jack is distributed. Once a particular configuration is selected, a friendly female voice will announce the selection and will remain in affect until the pilot changes that selection. No audio panel from any manufacturer offers this kind of flexibility.

Music Mute Modes The pilot can select one of four possible music mute modes. By pressing the "Mute" button, the pilot can choose one of the following:

1) Intercom and radio mute the music

2) Radio only mute the music

3) Intercom only mute the music

4) Nothing mute the music (That's our Karaoke mode!).

It's all accomplished by pressing the front panel  "Mute" pushbutton on the PMA80000B-MP3 and listening for the announcement for the type of muting you would like.

Aircraft Radio Recorder PS Engineering's innovative Internal Recording System (IRS) is now standard equipment, a $130 savings! The pilots can instantly play back radio messages, eliminating the need for the pilot to request "say again," or assure themselves that the last radio call was for them. The playback button is now on the front panel. Up to 8 messages can be recorded and played back in sequence.

The new PMA8000B-MP3 is backward compatible with the PMA8000 series as well as a direct replacement for the GARMIN GMA340.