KFD 840

Primary Flight Display KFD 840 from Bendix/King by Honeywell

KFD 840

The KFD 840 is a fully certified 8.4 diagonal Primary Flight Display (PFD) for Part 23 operators offering a host of features and a large display at a breakthrough price.

Highlights include:


  • Large 8.4 full VGA (640x480) LCD screen
  • Sized for easy installation in piston aircraft cockpits
  • Interface with many common autopilots and radios in the market today
  • Optional battery backup
  • Standard checklist and weight/balance feature
  • Customizable checklist and future software loads via SD card on front bezel
  • The KFD 840 integrated Primary Flight Display (PFD) stands at the forefront of the new Apex Edge Series from Bendix/King by Honeywell. Its combination of the latest technology, size, affordability and full functionality make it unique in general aviation. The KFD 840 delivers its information via a large 8.4" diagonal LCD display with high resolution and excellent sunlight readability—but is sized for easy installation in existing piston engine cockpits. The display format is tried and true, descended from Honeywell’s proven business-jet display symbology.

    It will interface with most existing flight directors, autopilots and navigation radios. To stay on the leading edge as future standards evolve, it features an SD card slot on the side of the bezel, which is also designed to accept customizable checklist loads and weight and balance information. The KFD 840 is ready today but will support your avionics needs into the future.

    The KFD 840 is a self-sufficient unit with an embedded Air Data module and MEMS Attitude and Heading Reference System (ADAHRS). In the event of loss of aircraft electrical power, an optional battery unit will keep power to the ADAHRS for full availability of all attitude, heading and air data functions to the pilot. Other standard features include a customizable checklist and weight and balance utility. This powerful combination of features brings unprecedented value to the pilot in terms of added safety, ease of use, future growth and innovation.

    Designed for simplicity and ease of use, the KFD 840 features separate course and heading knobs and menu-driven hybrid keys across the bottom of the bezel. The number of button pushes and menu selections are designed to be minimal and intuitive to the pilot. Information becomes available at the touch of a button or a simple turn of the knob. Easy to install, the KFD 840 will easily replace the analog instruments in the steam gauge six pack with minimal down-time for existing aircraft.