Intelligent Engine Power Management

Comprehensive engine and fuel situational awareness for your twin-engine aircraft, delivered on a stunning full-color display; the AuRACLE is the best co-pilot you’ll ever have.

STC’d For Primary; Incredibly Reliable

The CRM2120 is easily read and quickly interpreted, immediately alerting you to any abnormal engine condition and providing the information you need to make critical decisions rapidly.  Information you wouldn’t trade for any dollar amount when your engine sputters… this is the benefit of the CRM2120

·         Available in vertical and horizontal form factors

·         Two completely independent systems in ONE Distplay Unit (DU)

·         Networked using CAN Aerospace protocol.  One Data Acquisition Unit (EIU) mounted in each nacelle.  Just one wire in the wing

·         Military-level redundancy and environmental qualifications

·         Emergency “Reversionary” screen display in case of a single display failure

·         All instruments, including fuel quantity, certified for PRIMARY use

·         Multiple displays of engine analyzer data, pilot can choose to display LEFT, RIGHT or BOTH engine analyzer displays

·         Highly acclaimed SmarLean proprietary leaning assistance program